Keira’s Korner

Hi! I’m Keira! That’s my smiling mug you see when you click on our blog tab! I’m originally a southern belle from Texas who found my way to the beautiful Northwest through GPRS when I was just a puppy!

Mom and dad actually fell in love with a picture of another puppy named Beckett when they first contacted the rescue (I won’t hold it against them too much!). The gal assigned to their application wasn’t sure Beckett would be a good fit for them though. She called and talked to mom and dad about what kind of dog they were looking for – because next to saving dogs, the most important thing to the rescue is making the pyrfect match! As they talked about what qualities they wanted in a dog, the screener knew just who they were looking for: me!

The first picture mom and dad ever saw of me!

So my foster mom called them, and it didn’t take long for her to realize she’d found my new forever family! Mom and dad couldn’t wait to meet me! We had to wait a few weeks for transport to deliver me to them, but it was love at first sight! We’ve been inseparable ever since!

My gotcha day ride home!

A little bit about me and where I came from: I was abandoned on a ranch with my mom back in 2014. I don’t know why I wasn’t wanted. Mom and dad say they don’t understand either. The people who owned the ranch chose to keep my mom, but called Great Pyrenees Rescue Society to come take me and give me a better life. I’m so thankful for them because so many puppies and dogs end up in shelters and many of them never make it out. Texas is a tough place to be a dog. Especially if you are a working breed. So many people don’t spay/neuter their dogs down there (and in many other places too). And, as we pyrs are known to wander, as you can probably imagine, it results in lots of puppies. Sometimes we just aren’t cut out to be working dogs and would rather be with our people or lounging around on a couch (I personally have an affinity for pillows). Some people also don’t understand that flock guardians need training. As much as we tend to have a natural instinct, we still need to be taught how to do good job. And if the flock is large, sometimes we need to have a co-worker. So often it looks like we aren’t doing our job. Unfortunately, many ranchers only see us as tools. And if the tool is broken, their solution is often to throw it away. The volunteers at GPRS want to stop this from happening and spend countless hours pulling us out of shelters, driving to the middle of nowhere to pick us up, standing on the side of busy roads saving us from certain death, and trying to help educate people in order to prevent this all from happening to begin with.

There’s no such thing as too much cushion!

I’ve gone on a lot of great adventures over the years! Mom and dad have really given me a great life! I’m what is lovingly referred to as a “Pocket Pyr” since I’m only 62lbs! I love giving hugs, and making soulful eye contact. The kind that expresses total trust and adoration. I also enjoy hiking to all the beautiful locations around the northwest. Mom says I’m a great ambassador for the breed with my sweet, calm demeanor. I make friends everywhere I go! In fact, I even document my adventures! Look for me, @KeiraPocketPyr and other GRPS alumni on Instagram!

I look forward to sharing more adventures and interviewing current/former GPRS dogs!

Yours Truly,


Happy Tails – Klause

Klause is a beautiful male that was found with barbed wire around his back leg.  The injury had been allowed to fester and the damage was so severe that amputation was the only option.  Fortunately, Klause was young and optimistic so he didn’t let this affect his joy for life!  Klause may have special needs, but he found his special place in this world.  Here is a letter we got from his family not long after he was adopted:

Klause Lebowski, or Bowski is just plain wonderful!  He is definitely part of the pack and it seems like he has been here forever.  He is such a good boy!!!  And he is the lovingest guy in the world.  He would let you pet, hug, and kiss him 24/7.  He is getting around great.  He loves to go on walks,  runs around the house like lightening, and loves to destroy toys.  He hasn’t met a treat or any food that he doesn’t love.  His fur has all grown back and it is almost 2 inches long.  He and Cisco are best buds.  He adores balls of all sizes and has gone through at least six of those big ropes with knots.  Here’s a picture of his fuzzy butt.  Oh, and we are still going through the great spring shed!  OMG!  I have never seen so much white downy fur everywhere in my life!  Lol.  Scott has been brushing him every other day.  I started collecting the fur in the beginning and have a big bag.  I’m guessing it will stop soon.  But we love him more than anything!


Welcome to The Pyrspective! Here you will find all things Pyr! Helpful resources, miracle rescues, happy endings, product reviews, and thrilling stories from the lives of pyrs!

Great Pyrenees Rescue Society (GPRS) was founded in 2006 in Spring, TX. Ever since, our volunteers have braved the sides of highways, courageously gone where few would dare, driven for hours and hundreds of miles, saved death row dogs in the nick of time, taken on some of the most difficult cases, fostered and nurtured, and found them loving forever homes.

We are primarily a foster based rescue. While we are headquartered in Spring, the goal is to get these dogs into foster homes in the Northwest as quickly as possible if not with adoptive families. We also have amazing volunteer fosters in Texas that allow more dogs to be saved when HQ becomes full or a dog needs to be on medical hold. We could not do what we do with the amazing volunteers who pull and foster these dogs in Texas.

So why the Northwest? Due to the unfortunate lack of spay and neutering, and the prevalence and need for working dogs in Texas, there are far more great pyrs than there is demand for. Many of the dogs we take in were not trained properly for their job, flunked out as livestock guardians and were surrendered, walked away from their flocks and never looked for, or were unintentional litters that are unwanted. Up in the Northwest where these dogs are less common, we are able to find proper homes for them where the flourish as family pets. We have adopted dogs to families from Texas, up through California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. We have an amazing transporter who takes great care to deliver these dogs to their destinations.

We believe strongly in the fostering model in order to set these dogs up for success. It gives dogs a chance to unwind and to “learn how to dog” as we say. The fosters get a true sense of who these dogs are, what their challenges might be, what their best qualities are, and give them strong leadership to be able to transition into their forever homes with the “pyrfect” match. It can be hard to get a good read on a dog in a shelter when they are scared, lonely, and stressed; and most shelters do not have time to dedicate to learning the dogs’ personalities and carefully selecting just the right family as they are so incredibly busy. This is not to discredit the importance of municipal shelters. They get these dogs off of the streets and spend a lot of time connecting with rescues because they also believe in our model. We are so grateful and thank them for all of their hard work and providing us the honor and opportunity to place these dogs.

Rescue isn’t glamorous. It’s hard work and often heartbreaking. But it is so worth it. While it is hard to let our fosters go, there is nothing more rewarding than sending them off with the family that will love them forever.

– Emilee (GPRS alum Keira 2014)